Are you vulnerable to an email attack? Get your email security score and know if you're an easy target.

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What is Radar?

Radar is a comprehensive email security test that shows you weaknesses in your email and recommends how to secure them.


Because Radar employs a full email delivery loop to check 9 critical areas for issues, we're able to provide a complete 360 degree security analysis of both your incoming and outgoing email.

See your emailsecurity score

After your email systems are analyzed, the pros and cons Radar finds are weighed and tallied up as a security score. This score is helpful for checking the ongoing security of your email systems; especially when changes are made.


Radar goes beyond merely “telling you what’s wrong”. Our systems will look at your specific issues and recommend practical tips to fortify your domain against email threats.

How does it work?

There's no need to download or install anything, and you can run a test on any device. Just follow the three steps below:

1. Start

Submit your email to fire off a test of your incoming email systems.

2. Reply

Reply to the inbound test email. That’s it… just hit “reply” and then “send”.

3. Report

Wait a few moments, then check your inbox again for the link to your report.

Why should you care?

For the same reasons you make sure your house is locked at night. Radar shows you weaknesses in your email so you can secure them.

See yourblindspots

You might not be aware of your email security issues, but trust us… the bad guys are. Radar takes a deep look into your email security and brings to light the hidden security flaws you didn’t even know were there.


Unsure about your email security? We’re here to help! Your report gives you meaningful, data-driven action items you can use to quickly improve your score (and your email protection).

Be ateam player

Your entire domain benefits when positive changes are made for your email. Everyone in your organization can have a cleaner, safer email experience, all thanks to the details you brought to light by your report.


Why didn’t I receive my test email?

Could be aliens. But it’s more likely that you mistyped your address or it went to your junk folder.

Does this cost anything?

Nope. Radar is free to use as much as you want. No strings attached.

How many tests can I run?

As many as you want. As a matter of fact, we recommend running them often to be sure everything is as it should be. Down the road we'll add even more features to help you view the big picture of your email security over time, so stay tuned.

What’s the catch?

No catch. We just want everyone to experience email safely, the way it was intended.

How do I know Radar won’t use my email data for nefarious purposes?

Radar is a free tool built by the good folks at Mailprotector. Email privacy is what they live for, so trust us when we say you don’t have anything to worry about. If you’d rather hear that from a lawyer, knock yourself out.

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